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26 December 2012 @ 07:55 pm
[fic] All I want for Christmas Is You  

Title : All I want for Christmas Is You


Chapter(s) : Oneshoot (1/1)


Author :




Rating : harmless


Genre : luff, Romance, cheesy, toothache warning


Band(s) : ir en Grey


Pairing(s) : aoru x Toshiya


Disclaimer : don't care, Kaoru is my beloved brother and Toshiya is my Brother-in-Law. LoL
Dedication: veryone who basked in the love of Dir en grey. Merry Xmas!


It was 10 p.m. and finally we were done with today's preparation at Tokyo International Forum. We still have the final rehearsal tomorrow, but we were done for today.


I must have been dozed up during our ride home when I jerked up when I heard the back door was open. When I looked up behind I met his apologetic gaze as he put something on the back seat.


"What's that?"


He smiled. "You'll see when we back home."


I didn't try to press on.


When we arrived at our apartment building, he dropped me off at the lobby. He refused to answer my questioning look and just drove away to the parking lot. I great our security guard and rode the elevator to our floor.


I was done showering and was brushing my teeth when the front door opened and closed. I finished up and called out for him, "Where are you?"




The light had been dimmed by the time I entered our kitchen. He sat on the chair behind the kitchen island facing up to me. In front of him laid a small white cake, little candles lit up on the top of it.


"You have to be satisfied with cake this year since we don't have time for dinner."


I knew about that and I had no problem with that. But I never expected that he'd do something like this as a substitute.  I guess he could see I was beamed happily as he smiled back at me.


I took the seat across of him. Now that I saw it clearly, on the top of the cake written "Merry Xmas" with the 'X' was made of decorative chocolate piece in the shape of a guitar crossing with a bass guitar. Yes, definitely a bass guitar because one of them had a longer neck.


I looked up to meet his eyes only to found they gleamed with quiet satisfaction that I notice those little details. In a split second I lean up, grabbed his neck and kissed him silly. My man could so unbearably adorable just like now so he deserved a kiss like this.


Parting apart, he took out a pair of spoon. Grinning at each other (he smiled, of course, because he did not grinned), we enjoy the cake together talking about the random stuff.


After we ate up the cake (Have I mention that the cake was black forest cake, the one I currently liked a lot?), he went for shower. Meanwhile, I took out the softest comfiest blanket we had and put it at our living room.


I gave him 3 minutes to put on his pajama pants and worn out t-shirt before grabbing his hand and pull him to living room.


"We're not going to bed?"


I flashed him my gorgeous smile. "You'll see."


I positioned him in front of our super comfy love-seat  Then I carefully drab the blanket around his shoulder. I pushed him to seat down and then arrange his seating so that there was enough space between his legs. He just smile quietly and went along with my antics.


Then I sat between his legs, pulled his arms around me and the blanket around us, leaned him, put my head at his shoulder and hug his arms that now embraced me. He chuckled and tightened his embrace. The rumble on his chest made me snuggle closer and nuzzle crocked of his neck.


He laughed. "You're too tall." (which I answered with non-sense mumbled). He shifted to make both of us more comfortably seated.


I grinned on his neck. He nuzzled my hair and planted a little kiss there.


"We shouldn't fall asleep here. We have a live tomorrow." I just hummed contently and not move an inch. But he also didn't make any effort move away. So we just sit there enjoying each others company and sometimes small talks bubbled up now and then.


Just at that moment, I couldn't ask for a better Christmas.


The next thing I knew, maybe a few hours later, he woke up gently and then walked me to our bedroom, hand in hand.



A/N: I wrote this during my trip in Japan, bits by bits, from the day I departed to Japan and returned to Korea. I hope you'll enjoy this. Merry Xmas everyone!